Friday, 31 May 2013

Book VERSUS Book: Sarah Dessen Edition

The second Book VERSUS Book, what fun we have. Tell us what you think below!

1. This Lullaby vs Just Listen

Bronte: This Lullaby
Izzy: Just Listen
Eleanor: Just Listen

2. Along for the Ride vs What Happened to Goodbye

Bronte: Along for the Ride
Izzy: Along for the Ride
Eleanor: Along for the Ride

3. The Truth about Forever vs This Lullaby

Bronte: The Truth about Forever
Izzy: This Lullaby- but they are pretty much equal. I just re-red This Lullaby so my love has been re-ignited.
Eleanor: The Truth about Forever

4. Lock and Key vs Someone Like You

Bronte: Lock and Key
Izzy: Lock and Key
Eleanor: Lock and Key

5. That Summer vs Along for the Ride

Bronte: Along for the Ride
Izzy: Along for the Ride
Eleanor: Along for the Ride

6. Someone Like You vs That Summer

Bronte: Someone Like You
Izzy: Someone Like You
Eleanor: That Summer

7. Keeping the Moon/Last Chance vs What Happened to Goodbye

Bronte: What Happened to Goodbye
Izzy: Last Chance
Eleanor: Last Chance

Now, because there are no more Sarah Dessen books (I know there is Dreamland but none of us have read it) so in light of her new book The Moon and More we are going to have a guessing game! We lead exciting lives here at T&T.

8. Will she end up with Theo or Luke?

Bronte: Theo, but I have a feeling I will like Luke.
Izzy: Luke, but I think there will be a round robin, with us ending back with Luke.
Eleanor: hmm, no idea, I'll go..Theo

9. Will she stay Colby or will she take the exciting leap to New York?

Bronte: New York
Izzy: Sarah Dessen loves Colby so much, I can't imagine a main character abandoning it!
Eleanor: New York

10. Finally, will it be a happy ending or a sad ending?

Bronte: Happy! I hope, but if she goes to New York she will leave her family which could be sad
Izzy: Sarah Dessen doesn't really do sad endings. Happy for sure.
Eleanor: Happy:)


  1. I'm reading The Moon and More at the moment - will be interesting to see who is right in the guessing game! :)

    1. Your so lucky! Mine hasn't arrived on my Kindle yet! I need this book so much. :)