Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Reader/Book Blogger

This week, on Top Ten Tuesday hosted by BrokeandBookish, we are listing our top reasons for being readers and bloggers:


1. I love reading because it is an escape. After a long day at school, it is great to be able to sit down and worry about someone else's problems e.g. the problems with being in love with a vampire or surviving a reality TV show in Panem.

2. I love reading because I became bestest ever friends with my best friend through our obsession with books (yes Izzy, I'm talking about you) I'm failing our friendship by not remembering the exact books we bonded over but taking a wild guess I'd go with it being Sarah Dessen's Just Listen. (Am I right?)

3. I love being a blogger because sometimes I read books that I absolutely adore but that I can't think of any people to recommend them to/don't know anyone who would enjoy them. So I love getting to review these kinds of books and know that by putting up a review on this blog someone who might actually enjoy it will find it!

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Can I just say that Eleanor's number 2 was the cutest thing I have ever read. Seriously. Also I'm sure you're right. Bonding over Sarah Dessen sounds like us. 

4.  I love blogging because I do it with two of my best friends in my world. It means that we have constant communication and we all try and think of new ideas all the time. I love our Facebook chat and our little meet ups.

5. I love reading because it gives me unfair, excessive, overblown ideas of what love should be. Good luck guys. ps Sarah Dessen if you could manifest one of those dudes I would be eternally grateful. 

6. I love reading because I feel such connections to the characters and as a reader you can feel so strongly what characters are feeling and going through. You can become completely lost in a story, and it lasts so much longer than a 90 minute film and it is possible to become so much more invested. You can feel things on so many levels in books, from metaphors to themes that just isn't possible in other mediums.


7. I love reading because when you read a really really good book you forget that you're not living it! 

8. I love reading because I'd love to be an author when I'm older so the books give me lots of ideas and inspiration.

9. And I love the idea of blogging because I would get to share my thoughts on books that I feel EVERYONE needs to know about.


(Sorry I went AWOL!! haha, whoops - especially after Izzy's number '4'! Sorry guys)

10. I love reading because it is a distraction from anything stressful happening in your life. You can be transported into another world where, either you can read about other peoples problems and realise that your not the only one, or read something easy and trivial that you can only dream about, but it always calms you down because it is so relaxing.

11. I love blogging because I love writing, but I can never find inspiration of what to write about, therefore writing/reviewing books gives me the perfect opportunity to combine two of my favourite things - reading + writing.

12. I love reading because it is a fantastic excuse to have a long, hot bubble bath. Note, I have never dropped a book or Kindle in the bath - its actually quite a difficult thing to do, so try it if you ever haven't! Its the best.

Agreed on:

13. We love blogging because of the amazing community that we have entered. Thank you so much guys! <3

What do you love about reading and blogging?


  1. I love blogging with friends! Me and a couple of my friends had a book review blog going about 6 years ago when it wasn't such a craze yet... it's no defunct but it's still awesome talking to them about our current reads.

    Zeee @ I Heart Romance

    1. 6 years! Whoa- that is impressive and shows commitment. -Izzy