Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Top Ten Popular Authors We've Never Read

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1:  Meg Rosoff- I've seen the film for How I Live Now and have pretty much heard consistently good things about her books. Plus she won a Printz Award and usually I think they make pretty sound judgement over at Printz. I don't know why I haven't read Rosoff from the fact I am inherently lazy.

2: Vladmir Navobak: Lolita is sitting on my shelf staring at me in anger. Every time I go read this get creeped out by the idea that Lolita is 12 years old, put it down and re-read Sarah Dessen. What you want to happen in Dessen happens. None of this creepy stuff.

3. Stephen King: Pfft I don't even feel guilty. Who reads horror books? Books are supposed to be COMFORTING you crazy lot. Not terrifying. You read to escape the scary world, not go into a world where pig's guts are tipped on Chloé Mortez's head. (Okay so I watched the trailer to Carrie.)


4. Sophie Kinsella- I have never read Confessions of a Shopaholic or anything else by Kinsella. I've always wanted to but just never have! I've heard loads of great things about her books and there seem to be quite a few to choose from so I'm not sure how I've managed this!

5. Anne Frank -Not sure if this counts, but I am going for it anyway. I haven't read Anne Frank's diary. She's an author, so this is okay, right? It's been something that has been on my to-read list since I was about 10 and I have never crossed it off. I need to change this.

6. JRR Tolkein -I haven't read any of the Lord of the Rings series. I read a few chapters of The Lord of the Rings and then stopped. Not sure why really because I've now had to shamefully write this here. Oops.


7. Charles Dickens - yes, I have never read Oliver, or seen it actually, and I feel it is something I should have done or should do soon.

8. Terry Pratchet - I lie, I have actually attempted to read one of his books and really didn't like it; but I feel it single minded to judge an author by one book so maybe I'll give another ago.

9. Phillip Pullman - perhaps? I have always though I would like his books but have just never got round to reading any.

Agreed on: JK Rowling....hahahaha kidding.

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