Saturday, 2 March 2013

Page to Screen, The Host

Book: The Host by Stephenie Meyer
Film: The Host directed by Andrew Niccol
Compared by Eleanor

Our review of The Host

1. Scenes missing (if any) from the film
There were quite a few scenes missing from the film, but that was of course to be expected as it would be almost impossible to fit every detail of an over 600 page book into a two hour movie. Quite a lot of the beginning was cut out and also the stories that Wanderer tells about her previous lives -on about eight other planets- were not included, which was a shame.

2. Characters missing (if any) from the film
There were quite a few minor characters missed out; however, on the whole, this didn't subtract from the story.

3. Anything added into the film that wasn't in the book that was interesting.
Because Stephenie Meyer’s book is written in first person, we only get to read from Wanda’s point of view so it was interesting to have a couple of scenes showing Jared and his team going out to get supplies and having to escape from the suspecting ‘souls.’

4. Most beautiful scene in the film.
I think this would have to be when Jamie (Melanie's brother) takes Wanderer to a cave he's discovered and there are lots of these cave-glowworm creatures, which look a little like constellations at first. It’s a really nice scene, where Jamie and Wanderer talk properly for the first time.

5. Did anyone drink tea in the film?
Nope, I’m pretty sure that there wasn't any tea drinking in this film. I guess it's just not one of the drink preferences of this particular parasitical alien species.

6. Overall: Book vs film
This film was AMAZING! (Although not as good as the book!) I really think that everyone needs to see it, just because it's such an interesting idea and it's really different to so many of the things out in cinemas right now, whilst still keeping along the popular dystopian genre line. Of course, I would definitely advise reading the book either before or after seeing the film, because it would add so much more overall to the 'The Host' experience! And I loved it so much that I'm going to see it again tomorrow!

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