Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Busy Bees

Hello fellow drinkers of tea,

So, as you may have noticed Izzy, Eleanor and I have not been posting on our regular Tuesday's and Saturday's. This is not because we no longer like books and want to write lovely reviews for everyone to read and enjoy. We still love books because books are amazing. And we still care lovingly about you guys. Just because you're you guys.

It's just we are all 16 and doing our GCSE's and for any person who doesn't know what these are: they are the exams that basically decide the rest of our lives, basically. No pressure then, that's what everyone says. We stared wide eyed back. So if we don't pass them, we don't really like to think of the consequences. It's not great, really.

Just to brighten your day.

But, yes there is a but and a good sort too, in a couple of weeks we go on study leave! Yay! It's called study leave because we have to study, but realistically who is going to study 24 7 *Eleanor cough cough* which means that hopefully there will be a lot more time to write amazing stuff for you guys to read!

But in saying that, I know myself that my life revolves around breakfast, school, friends, homework, revision, dinner, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. Therefore not giving me any chance to read a lot, which is sad because I love reading. I wish I could read in my sleep, actually I wish I didn't need sleep and I could just stay, snuggled under my duvet, reading all night and wake up and look as fresh as a daisy. At the moment I would say I am more like a walking zombie with no essence of 'fresh'. A new level, even for me.

Therefore, back to the purpose of this chat: please bear with us!! After June 14th we will have the longest summer of our lives so far (about 11 weeks, yeah I know!) so we will have soooooo much free time that you will probably end up bored with us...well.

Have a great...March (not too great here, it's snowing, really, it used to be fun now it's just an annoying inconvenient mess of sludge) and enjoy continuing drinking your tea and reading your books.

-Bronte, Izzy, Eleanor (:

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