Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Character VERSUS Character #1

Hey Tea Lovers! We thought we would do a new series where we put character against another character to see which one each of us prefers. Obviously, we haven't all read the same books so some of us may have to put N/A for a question etc. Anyway we hope you like it, and make sure to tell us your answers in the comments below!

Who do you prefer?

1. Katniss (The Hunger Games) vs Hermione (Harry Potter)

Izzy: Hermione
Bronte: Hermione
Eleanor: Katniss (Sorry, just because she's Katniss 'the girl on fire')

2. Ron vs Harry (Harry Potter)

Izzy: Harry
Bronte: Harry
Eleanor: Harry

3. Cricket (Lola and the Boy Next Door) vs St Clair (Anna and the French Kiss)

Izzy: St Clair
Bronte:Cricket (sorry guys)
Eleanor: St. Clair

4. Wes (The Truth About Forever) vs Eli (Along For the Ride)

Izzy: Wes
Bronte: Wes
Eleanor: Eli

5. Hazel (The Fault in Our Stars) vs Margo (Paper Towns)

Izzy: Hazel
Bronte: Hazel, although I am currently reading Paper Towns, flexible opinion :)
Eleanor: Margo

6. Owen (Just Listen) vs Dave (What Happened to Goodbye)

Izzy: Owen
Bronte: Dave
Eleanor: Owen

7. Tobias (Divergent) vs Peeta (The Hunger Games)

Izzy: Peeta
Bronte: Tobias
Eleanor: Tobias

8. Gale (The Hunger Games) vs Jacob (Twilight)

Izzy: Jacob
Bronte: Gale
Eleanor: Jacob

9. Edward (Twilight) vs Peeta (The Hunger Games)

Izzy: Peeta
Bronte: Peeta
Eleanor: Edward Cullen, FOREVER!

10. Lucas vs Orion (Starcrossed)

Izzy: Orion
Bronte: Lucas
Eleanor: Lucas


  1. 1. Hermione
    2. Ron
    3. N/A... I'll have to add those books on my 'to read' list.
    4. Wes; granted, I haven't read the other one.
    5. Gah, hard one... Margo.
    6. Can't say, haven't read.
    7. I haven't read Divergent yet, but I'm not a huge fan of Peeta so... hm.
    8. Gale.
    9. Peeta.
    10. Again, haven't read.

    Just thought I'd say that this blog is really neat and I love reading the reviews. So... thanks y'all for being awesome? :)

    1. They look like your average "boy meets girl," and they kind of are but Stephanie Perkins just makes them special. Also you should definitely check out Divergent if you're a fan of the dystopian craze at the moment.

      Thank you so much! You're awesome for reading! -Izzy

  2. I would pick Hermione. And I would pick Cricket too! I love him. And Peeta every time. And I would definitely pick Hazel. And Jacob instead of Gale. Gale kind of sucks a little bit. I feel bad for him though. And I can't decide between Ron and Harry. I don't like either without the other! They come in a package lol

    1. See for me the decision between Margo and Hazel wasn't that difficult, I found it easy to pick Hazel because I loved Margo but found it A LOT easier to love Hazel. -Izzy

    2. Cricket all the way, he is just so amazing and fun! I like fun guys. And same Izzy, Hazel is just to nice :) -Bronte (: