Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cover VERSUS Cover: Sarah Dessen Edition

Beautiful Sarah Dessen book covers all in one place, but which will be your favourite? (I am aware that there is the 'new' and the 'old' covers, but I went for the newer ones as I think that the old ones are very similar to each other)

1. The Truth About Forever  vs This Lullaby

Eleanor: This Lullaby
Izzy: This Lullaby
Bronte: The Truth about Forever

2. Keeping the Moon vs  Just Listen

Eleanor: Just Listen
Izzy: Keeping the Moon
Bronte: Just Listen

3.  Lock and Key vs  Dreamland

Eleanor: Dreamland
Izzy: Dreamland
Bronte: Lock and Key, I like the simplicity

4.  The Moon and More vs  Along for the Ride

Eleanor: Along for the Ride
Izzy: Along for the Ride
Bronte: The Moon and More

5.  What Happened to Goodbye vs  Someone Like You (It's like 'feet vs feet'!)

Eleanor: Someone Like You
Izzy: What Happened to Goodbye
Bronte: Someone Like You

Which is your favourite cover out of ALL of them? Do you prefer these covers or the other ones better?


  1. Argh, how could you put Along for the Ride and The Moon and More next to each other?! They're my favourite Dessen covers so it's impossible to choose!

    1. I love those two covers too! I likes the colours in The Moon and More better, which is why I picked it - I like to make it tricky ;) My favourite cover is The Truth about Forever