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Love Reborn, Yvonne Woon

Love Reborn (Dead Beautiful, #3 by Yvonne Woon, reviewed by Bronte

Warning, this book may contain spoilers of the first book.

Dead Beautiful
Life Eternal

What is this book about?
Renée has in her possession a legendary chest said to contain the secret to eternal life-if only they could solve the clues that lie within it. With both the Liberum, a Brotherhood of the Undead, and a team of Monitors, led by Renée's own grandfather, in hot pursuit, Renée and Dante must keep the chest safe or risk having it fall into the wrong hands. (Goodreads)
Who should read this book?
Anyone who read and enjoyed the previous books, obviously. Also people who enjoy books with suspense and thrilling turns. Maybe 13+ I would say.

How long is this book?
368 pages, actually the shortest of the other books.
Story Line: 8/10
Well written: 4/5
Enjoyablilty: 4/5
Overall: 16/20

Star Rating: 4 Stars

Question 1. What character has remained the same pot of tea?
Anya. I love Anya, Renee's closest friend at the moment. I think that she is just lovely and cares about the right things and right people. She is quite odd and has some weird aspects about her, but isn't everyone a bit weird in their own way; its what makes them them.

Question 2. Which character has a whole new flavour?

Noah. Aww, this part of the story make me so sad as I loved Noah. If you did the 'Team Dante' 'Team Noah' think, I think that I probably would chose Noah. He was just so lovely. Now he is quite detached and you don't see much of him in the story. The ending was a bit disappointing and left things hanging a bit...but thats all I am saying.

Question 3. Which characters would have the most awkward conversation whilst drinking tea?

Renee's Grandfather and Dante near the end. Obviously, for those who have read the book, this wouldn't happen, but if it did it would be funny. The look on her Grandfathers face when he realises he was *gasp* wrong!

Question 4. What book would you prefer to read while drinking tea?

I'm still going with Dead Beautiful because it was just so great. I have actually read it twice and even during the second sitting I still read it for hours on end so I could know what was going to happen, even though I knew!

Question 5. Favourite quote!

This quote is actually from Dead Beautiful but I didn't have a stand out quote from Love Reborn so here it is - 'Everyone has the ability to hurt. It's the choice that matters.'


I really liked this book, and this series. It was thrilling and taking twists that I couldn't have ever guessed! The characters had personality and were relatively realistic but this is where my problem occurs.

You have to think back to the beginning because originally Renee was so absorbed into Dante she became almost - obsessed, maybe? for a couple of terms, which then made her want to go on the most dangerous adventure of her life, that many had attempted, failed and even died just trying. It makes me question - why was she doing this for a boy that she had known for just over half a year? I mean, obviously they share the same soul - so that perhaps is my answer. But this whole series is basically created because a girl fell in love with someone she couldn't be with so because they couldn't be a couple she went on the adventure - but how was she ever to know that they would still want to be a couple after only meeting each other a few months ago.

I have babbled to much about it now, but even though it is a bit ambiguous it made for an excellent story that I thoroughly enjoyed! I like the fact that Woon left the ending slightly open so perhaps another novel might be coming. I'd like that.

What did you think of this book? What would you like us to review next?

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