Thursday, 6 June 2013

Character VERSUS Character: Sarah Dessen Edition

In celebration of the almost release of The Moon and More we thought we would make this Character vs Character a complete Sarah Dessen edition! We hope you enjoy this. How excited are you for the new Sarah Dessen? We've got it PRE-ORDERED. PS Who are you prefering the sound of Luke or Theo? The three of us are trying to make predictions on who Emaline will end up with and we're still divided.

1. Eli (Along for the Ride) vs Dexter (This Lullaby)

Izzy: Eli
Eleanor: Eli
Bronte: Dexter

2. McLean (What Happened to Goodbye) vs Halley (Someone Like You)

Izzy: Halley
Eleanor: McLean
Bronte: Halley

3. Wes (The Truth About Forever) vs Nate (Lock and Key)

Izzy:  Wes
Eleanor: Wes

4. Auden (Along for the Ride) vs Macy (The Truth About Forever)

Izzy: Macy
Eleanor: Auden
Bronte: Macy

5. Nate (Lock and Key) vs Owen (Just Listen)

Izzy:  Nate
Eleanor: Owen
Bronte: Nate

6. Annabel (Just Listen) vs Auden (Along for the Ride)

Izzy: Auden
Eleanor: Annabel
Bronte: Annabel

7. Halley vs Scarlett (Someone Like You)
Izzy: Scarlett
Eleanor: Scarlett
Bronte: Halley

8. Remy (This Lullaby) vs Auden (Along for The Ride)

Izzy: Auden
Eleanor: Auden
Bronte: Remy

9. Ruby (Lock and Key) vs Macy (The Truth About Forever)

Izzy: Ruby
Eleanor: Macy
Bronte: Macy, just

and finally, drum roll please:

10. What is your favourite Sarah Dessen novel so far?

Izzy: Along For The Ride has the most interesting, and surprising plot so far.
Eleanor: Just Listen. It was the first Sarah Dessen I ever read and Dessen hasn't yet written a novel I prefer.
Bronte: :O Don't do this to me! I feel like I am betraying other characters and Sarah Dessen if I just pick one! Its between: This Lullaby, The Truth about Forever and Lock and Key! Going to go with Lock and Key, I'm sorry Wes! It just has such a good plot and characters and everything about it, apart from the ending, I wanted more! more for good luck '!'

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