Friday, 7 June 2013

Cover VERSUS Cover #1

This is the first in a series called cover versus cover. For this first post, the covers are all from books we have reviewed so far...

1.                         vs               

Bronte: This Is What Happy Looks Like
Izzy: Wonder
Eleanor: Wonder

2.                         vs               

Bronte: Send Me a Sign
Izzy: Ketchup Clouds
Eleanor: Ketchup Clouds

3.                         vs               

Bronte: Clockwork Angel
Izzy: Clockwork Angel (darn we all went with the same!)
Eleanor: Clockwork Angel

4.                         vs               

Bronte: Die For Me
Izzy: Divergent
Eleanor: Divergent

5.                         vs               

Bronte: The Fault in our Stars
Izzy: Uglies is actually probably more eye catching for me, but I prefer The Fault in Our Stars so much more! Still, Uglies.
Eleanor: The Fault in our Stars

What features on a cover make you pick up a book? What do you want us to review next?

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