Sunday, 9 June 2013


Hello Everyone,

Just a short post to say while experimenting with 'summer colours' and 'summer themes' for Titles and Teacups for over the summer period I accidently, the technological guru that I am, clicked on the wrong button and published the pink Titles and Teacups!!!

I, of course will change it back because I was only experimenting (thank gosh I wrote down the colour numbers) but I was fiddling during revision breaks and have to continue revising now.

It will be changed back by tomorrow afternoon, definitely.

So, this little post, was just to inform you that if you arrive and think 'PINK, AHHH am I at the right place?' Yes, yes you are.

I'm really sorry!

~Bronte, because I am sure the others don't want the shame of being the one who doesn't know how to use her laptop.

Updated: Right, we're back in business, thanks for the patience! We should have a summer theme going on soon. Oh the excitement.

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