Thursday, 31 July 2014

The One Plus One, Jojo Moyes

The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes, reviewed by Eleanor

Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 516
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What is this book about?

One single mum...With two jobs and two children, Jess Thomas does her best day after day. But it's hard on your own. And sometimes you take risks you shouldn't because you have to. One chaotic family...Jess's gifted, quirky daughter Tanzie is brilliant with numbers, but without a helping hand she'll never get the chance to shine. And Nicky, Jess's teenage stepson, can't fight the bullies alone.
Sometimes Jess feels like they're sinking. One handsome stranger...Into their lives comes Ed Nicholls, a man whose life is in chaos, and who is running from a deeply uncertain future. But he has time on his hands. He knows what it's like to be lonely. And he wants to help...One unexpected love story. (goodreads)
Who should read this book? If you've enjoyed other books by Jojo Moyes, this is yet another brilliant one.

Star Rating: 3 stars

Question 1. What character would you most like to have tea with?
Nicky. He's a really interesting character that you don't get to learn all that much about. Also, he starts to blog in the book. And I blog. Crazy.

Question 2. What character would you most like to throw tea at?
Marty. He doesn't help to support his children at all, leaving Jess working constantly to hold the three of them up despite the fact that Nicky isn't even biologically hers.

Question 3. What do you think of the cover?
I really like hand drawn covers and this one is so beautiful.

Question 4. Can you read the tea leaves from the beginning or are there twists in the plot?
Saying that the ending wasn't predictable would be a lie however, this did not detract from the enjoyability factor of the novel.

Question 5. Favourite quote!
“Everyone I've ever met who was worth knowing was a bit different at school. You just need to find your people'
'Find my people?'
'Your tribe”

Overall: I read this on the way home from Portugal and it was a really good book for a plane. It didn't cause me to sit and sob my heart out, provoking air hostesses to ask if I was okay, nor did it make me laugh out loud so loud that the other passengers looked at me funny. But, it did make me smile a huge amount. The plot was twisty enough to keep you reading but predictable enough that you reach the end feeling satisfied. This book isn't quite Jojo Moyes' 'Me Before You', which is quite possibly my absolute favourite book, but it is still an enjoyable read and I loved the characters dearly.

What did you think of this book? What would you like us to review next?

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