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Page to Screen: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green,
The Fault in Our Stars, by Josh Boone,
Compared by Bronte.

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Were there any key scenes missing from the film?

This is probably one of the few films I have seen that stays so, so true to the book. This, of course, made me extremely happy as often films can be nothing like the book it was based on - which makes no sense. I went to see the film because I liked the book, so when the film isn't like the book...! Don't even get me started! This film was practically identical the the book, I think this might have something to do with John Greens avid involvement in the production.

Were there any characters missing from the film?

It has been a while since I have read this book, I am not going to lie but there were a few characters missing from the film that only played a minor role in the book, I seem to remember. Hazel does have a friend (the name of which I have forgotten) who plays a small part, whereas in the film it appears Hazel is very lonely and doesn't go out at all - which to be honest is practically the same as the book.

I really enjoyed that fact that the film was based closely on fewer characters - it was a lot easier to connect with them. It works to include a minor character in a couple of chapters in a book, whereas in a film it would be odd if we had a 2 minute passing glance of a character who would quickly be forgotten and add nothing to the story in the eye of the audience.

Was there anything added to the film (not in the book) that was interesting?

The ending was slightly different as Peter Van Houten appeared at Gus' funeral. I think this was an incredibly good thing to do. For lovers of the book it created an almost closure to the fact that he does care, even if only slightly. He could have just sent the letter, as he did in the book, but the fact that he delivered it...I don't know, others may disagree but for me it added a little bit of sentimentality.

Did anyone drink tea in the film?

There was rather a lot of tea drinking, particularly in the hotel in Amsterdam!

Favourite scene in the film:

A particularly impossible question to answer. It was all amazing. But. I have to answer so I am going to say the bit when they go out for dinner in Amsterdam. They both looked amazing and I loved how the lights were like stars, and then they were drinking the stars in a was just so well done! I also loved what is often referred to as their meet-cute - it was perfect and you got a complete insight into Gus' character.

Overall - Book vs Film:
The film is never as good as the book. In this case, however, both were equally as amazing as the other. I probably just preferred the book but it is a close call. The actors were so well cast - Shailene and Ansel were AMAZING as were everyone else. I thought that for the few who had not read the book, Gus' illness came as a very big shock; in the book you have a little bit of an insight that something is about to happen, unlike in the film. Unlike many others, I thought that Isaac's hair was perfect, even though it was black! It did everything for me, I laughed, smiled, ahhh, cried, just about recovered and then sobbed. John Green is a legend of Young Adult Literature and I am so excited to see what comes next!

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