Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Top Ten Goals for 2014

This year Titles & Teacups will be taking part in the weekly meme 'Top Ten Tuesday' hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I'm sure we will probably soon create our own colourful 'TOP TEN' title but that hasn't happened yet!

Top Ten Goals for 2014!

Blog Goals

1. We stopped blogging at the end of last year and although we did have a fairly good excuse we will excuse ourselves no longer. Each week we want to be publishing at least TWO posts for you lovely readers to enjoy.

2. We want to reach the 100th post and do something extra amazing for you lovely lot, making sure that the 100th post is actually the 100th, not the 101st!

3. We want to become a "proper" part of this blogging community, by reading more posts by other bloggers and commenting on all of them!

4. We'd like to, maybe, possibly, make this blog a bit more visual. More pictures and colour instead of just essays.

5. This year I am going to read, read, read. Last year was a really poor year for reading for me and I'm going to change that this year!

6. I usually read lots of the same books but I am going to try to branch out a bit this year and read some different genres.


7. Some people don't like re-reading books, but I would like to re-read my favourite series' and then read the concluding book, which I have yet to read - Like Allegiant and Love Reborn to name a few.

8. This maybe a long shot, but I actually want to finish Pride and Prejudice rather than read the same 5 chapters over and over and then just stop. 2014 will be the year, hopefully!


9.  Everyone has mentioned this, but due to the stress of exams, 2013 was not my best year of reading, I want to read much more.

10. While Eleanor and Bronte have just talked about books I would like to become much healthier in 2014. You know, fruit, vegetables that kind of thing. If you met me you would know why this was a necessary step in my life.

So there are our goals for 2014, what are yours? Any suggestions for books we should read and review?

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