Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Top Ten Things on my Reading Wishlist

Top Ten Things on my Wishlist (hosted by TheBrokeandtheBookish) could consist of things we want an author to write about, or a specific plot or time frame, or maybe even particular characteristic we like to see in an antagonist or other character.


1. More mythological fiction. I love love love the Percy Jackson series but they are getting a teeny bit young for me now and I'd love to read some YA fiction that includes some mythology.

2. More love triangles. I used to really dislike love triangles while reading books containing them as they did get a bit old and samey. But, in the past few years, I feel as though they've faded away a huge amount and so, naturally, I now miss them.

3. More likable characters to love. (I know, I know, this is really general!) I hate it when the main character annoys me. Obviously everyone hates that. But in particular it makes me really dislike a book. If the protagonist does stupid things that no one would ever EVER do, never listens to anyone's advice or even take it into account or even if they are a bit too 'damsel-y' I enjoy the book less.


4. Victorian period setting. I really like modernly written novels set in the Victorian era because I really like that period of history and find it really fascinating: so more novels set there please!

5. I love books written about Faeries- no werewolves or vampires, I feel they have been over used in books and Faery Land is such a cool place! I am about to start reading The Iron King, which Eleanor has recommended.

6. Books to have more serious dimensions. I really like the characters from the Fault in Our Stars and I think the ending was so much more moving because of the fact the two lovers were terminally ill. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the fact they were terminally ill, but maybe an illness for a character would give a book more dimensions and make it more emotional and maybe more realistic of the present day - like 'everything isn't always perfect' as it is in most cases in books.


7. More well developed characters in a dystopian setting. I think we can all agree that apart from Katniss many characters in dystopian fiction are left less well rounded due to an author's fixation to having a fast moving plot. As much as I love Divergent and I liked Uglies I felt their characters were lacking.

8. More "real" female characters Female characters are driving me insane at the moment. I feel they are either mean and popular, sweet and demure, feisty and intelligent or a MPDG. Why can't a female character be all these things?

9. Another Harper Lee novel. Haha- all though I'm kind of kidding I'm also really not. Why would she just give us To Kill A Mockingbird and nothing more? Why would she give us one of the world's greatest novels and never publish another novel? You're killing me Harper, killing me. 

All agree on:

10. More believable romances. We think there is a fine line here. Love at first sight annoys us to no end, because UberFacts can say it exists as much as they like, but it's not real. However obviously perfect relationships are boring to read about. Basically, we're asking for perfection. So if someone could just deliver that would be great. (The Fault in Our Stars was pretty close but then the ending was brutal..)


  1. I would have to agree with most of these! Especially, "believable romances". (=

  2. Definitely! So many romances today are so unbelievable its ridiculous! Nothing like that would ever happen in life - but it does for some reason in books! They are still enjoyable, though, none the less.